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Event News


American Powerboat Association

Team AMSOIL Driver Rob Rinker Wins APR Superleague Season Opener


Team AMSOIL’s winning streak continues as Formula Two driver Rob Rinker captures the checkered flag at the inaugural event in LaGrange Georgia. Pyne Road Park provided an excellent setting for the event.  Spectators filled the shoreline and a spectator fleet of boaters lined the back stretch to experience the racing for the first time in their area.


Rob wasted no time showing his speed, setting the fastest lap in time trials with AMSOIL team mate and brother, Ashton Rinker earned the fourth place position on the start dock for the first heat of qualifying.


When the flag dropped the #20 AMSOIL boat of Ashton Rinker jumped from the fourth position to the lead. The 2.0 liter powered #20 boat utilizing the AMSOIL Dominator 2 cycle lubricant has better acceleration than the #30 AMSOIL boat that uses the HP High-Performance Marine 2-Stroke Oil to supply the Mercury 200 Opti-Max power with direct injected lubrication.




The race plan was playing out perfectly for team AMSOIL as the #30 boat of Rob Rinker had worked his way up to the second place position directly behind his AMSOIL team mate. With the 1-2 finish nearly accomplished disaster struck as Ashton was passing a lapped boat, the competitor turned directly into the AMSOIL lead boat. Wood splinters flew as the competitors boat collided with Ashton leaving the wood craft of Tom Ludwig destroyed from the collision. The composite structure of the Team AMSOIL boat suffered a hole in the rear corner removing Ashton from competition for the remainder of the day.

The race course was cleared of debris, the first heat was restarted. From the pole position AMSOIL’s Rob Rinker held on to win the first qualifying heat.


For the second heat the starting positions were reversed placing the #30 AMSOIL boat at the end of the dock. Rob steadily worked his way through the field of boats to the second place position, securing the pole position for the Final race on Sunday.


Back in the pits the Team AMSOIL’s never give up attitude kicked into high gear as preparation of a backup boat was already beginning. With valuable series points at steak the team work into the night preparing for the following days event.


Starting from both ends of the dock Team AMSOIL’s plan had not changed. Winning the race! From the pole position Rob Rinker knew that a few boats may beat him to the first turn. With that knowledge Rob smartly navigated the first turn and by lap 6 had regained the lead position and continued on to lap all competitors except for the second place boat in the race for the checkered flag.


Team mate Ashton Rinker smartly drove an unfamiliar craft to the eight place position gaining valuable points towards the APR Superleague Series Championship.


Formula Two APR Superleague Series Event

Team AMSOIL continues it winning ways, raising the checkered flag at the second annual Knoxville Powerboat Classic.


AMSOIL driver Rob Rinker kept the winning streak alive powering from the fifth place position on the final starting grid to overtake the lead on lap four of the thirty lap final. Rob drove a near flawless race lapping all but the second place finisher in the field of racers. The second win in a row earns Team AMSOIL driver Rob Rinker a sizable lead in the APR Superleague Series.


AMSOIL driver Ashton Rinker continues to battle bad luck. After battling battery issues in the qualifying heats Ashton had moved from the forth starting position to third place in the race. The onboard fuel pump began to falter causing Ashton to lose power in the AMSOIL #20 boat. Even with the loss of power Ashton was able to hold onto third until the final lap when the fuel pump failed completely leaving the #20 boat powerless. With 29 laps in the books Ashton had lapped enough competitors to garnish a 7th place position in the final.


The Formula Two team success in Knoxville was earned by the whole team. The crew did an outstanding job keeping Team AMSOIL on the water. Special thanks go Crew Chief and fellow racer Rob DiNicolantonio for his knowable advice and outstanding help.



US Formula One Series Season Opener


Team AMSOIL driver Terry Rinker has fond memories of winning the inaugural Formula  One event in LaPorte Indiana in 2013 and was on a mission to repeat the victory in 2014. The team had spent countless hours in the off season preparing to defend the race win and 2013 Series Championship.


The weekend event started as planned. Terry earned the fasted qualifying time outdoing the next fastest by nearly a half second. The first qualifying heat ensued and as the flag dropped to start the race, the AMSOIL boat stumbled on the engine firing allowing the second and third position boats a chance to win the race to the first turn. Finishing the heat in third Crew Chief James Chambers knew there was a problem.  A faulty spark plug was found to be the problem and hopes were high that the next heats would have better results.


The results were outstanding as Team AMSOIL was successful in winning both of the two remaining heats to secure the pole position for the 35 lap final event.


The final race began as expected with the #10 boat getting the hole shot on the start. A sizeable lead had been earned when on lap five one of the propeller blades broke causing a loss in performance and extreme vibration throughout the boat. With the encouragement of the Crew Chief on the radios Terry pressed on. The lead was vanquished on lap 10 to the #16 boat of Tim Seebold, but Team AMSOIL pressed on only letting the leader gain a five second buffer on the #10 boat. As fate may have it the #16 boat lost a propeller blade on lap 30. The chase was on and by the last lap Terry had gained to within a second of the leader. At turn three with only a straightaway to go Terry gave it all to make the pass for the will deserved victory.


It seemed unbelievable that the gearbox was able to withstand the vibration from the out of balance propeller. Upon inspection the magnets that collect metal fragments from wear were surprisingly not as bad as we expected. The relationship with AMSOIL and the quality products they supply us not only helps us to get to the races to compete, it keeps us in the race till the finish. Usually holding the CHECKERED FLAG!!    


Team AMSOIL claims victory at separate Formula One and

Formula Two Events


Team AMSOIL Drivers Terry Rinker and Rob Rinker Tame the Rough and Windy Conditions at the Bay City River Roar to Capture both Formula One and Formula Two Victories

Team AMSOIL’s domination of powerboat racing continued on the rough and treacherous waters of the Saginaw River where the Bay City River Roar was held. AMSOIL driver Terry Rinker held the checkered flag in the Formula One race equaling the record of five victories earned by any one driver at the prestigious event.


AMSOIL’s Formula Two driver Rob Rinker continued his string of victories capturing the checkered flag for the second year in a row at the Bay City Event.


The qualifying procedure began with excellent results for the Team AMSOIL Father and Son Duo, winning the time trials in each class of competition.


Starting from the pole position in the first qualifying heat Formula Two driver Rob Rinker took the early lead and continued on to win the ten lap race by a full straightaway. For the second and third heats of qualifying Rob was positioned at the end of the dock for the reverse order of finish and accumulated points. The AMSOIL driver smartly worked his way to the number two position in the second and third heats, earning him the pole position for the final race.

From the pole position of the first Formula One qualifying heat AMSOIL driver Terry Rinker was counting on a quick start to beat the competition to the first turn. At the drop of the starter’s flag a slight hesitation on the motor starting was all that was needed for Tim Seebold in his NGK sponsored machine to win the race to the first turn. Terry stayed close to the leaders and finished two spots behind the leader.  With a disappointing third place finish in heat one Crew Chief James Chambers went to work. Some engine tuning and a change in propellers is all it took to give the AMSOIL team the edge they needed. Starting near the rear of the dock in the final heat of qualifications AMSOIL driver Terry Rinker launched from the start dock and passed nearly half of the field heading to the first turn. By the fifth lap of the race Terry had worked his way to the front to take the checkered flag and earn the top spot for the start of the 35 lap final race.


From the pole position in the Formula One and Formula Two races the Team AMSOIL drivers displayed their skill at navigating the often unforgivable conditions of the Saginaw River. Both Father and Son led every lap of their final heat of racing to earn the checkered flag and a double win for Team AMSOIL.


AMSOIL Formula Two driver Ashton Rinker continues to improve, finishing only one spot away from the podium in the fourth place position.


F-2 North American Championships in Pittsburgh PA


Team AMSOIL Finishes First Runner up at the Regates De Valleyfield


SALABERRY-DE-VALLEYFIELD, Quebec (July 14, 2014) Team AMSOIL traveled north of the border to compete in the third round of the US Formula 1 Powerboat tour. Holding a 16-point lead, Team AMSOIL driver Terry Rinker knew that consistent finishes could garner the team its eighth Formula 1 championship. Qualifying began with Terry Rinker winning his third consecutive time trial followed by a win in the first qualifying heat.


In the remaining qualifying heats, the leader boats are placed at the last position on the starting dock with a five to ten second delayed start, forcing the faster boats to work their way through the slower traffic to win the heat.


Rinker worked his way through the traffic to a fifth-place position when the #97 boat of Dan Orchard took an evasive move through a competitor’s rooster tail. Unknown to Orchard, Rinker's #10 boat was just outside the wall of water, where a collision occurred. The #97 boat was forced to return to the trailer with heavy damage while the #10 sustained minor damage. Rinker lost several positions due to the incident, but was able to achieve a fourth-place finish.


Back in the pit area, Team AMSOIL crew chief James Chambers and the team went to work repairing the damage to the #10 boat in preparation for the third and final qualifying heat. Once again lining up near the end of the start dock for heat three of qualifying, the race was on to carve through the competition to earn valuable points toward the championship. The AMSOIL #10 boat smartly made its way through the competition for a second-place finish, earning the second starting position for the final race.


Due to weather conditions and time restraints, the final event was scheduled for 15 laps. Lining up just to the right of the NGK-sponsored #16 boat of Tim Seebold, the AMSOIL team knew the NGK team had earned enough points to draw within 12 points of Team AMSOIL for the series championship.


At the drop of the flag, the race was neck-and-neck to the first turn, and within two laps the faster boats caught up to the slower lap traffic. By the third lap the leaders were already lapping the slower traffic. Rinker pulled within one boat length of Seebold, but could not make the pass, settling for second place.

With the Team AMSOIL lead for the championship cut to only eight points, the team is already busy preparing for the final race of the season in Seattle, Wash. August 1-4. For the Seattle Seafair event, Team AMSOIL will bring the undefeated Formula 2 AMSOIL driver Rob Rinker to compete alongside his father Terry to attempt to secure the 2014 series championship.